Monday, August 26, 2013

August 27, 2013

Hello family.
It sounds like you guys had quiet the adventure this week, I'm glad that it wasn't the pump that failed, aren't those expensive to replace?
So we have been doing all of those things with our ward mission leader, even our zone leaders and mission president know about the problem, I think the problem is that we are getting so many baptisms with 3 sets of missionaries in the ward that it looks like he is doing a good job, but it's really just us missionaries and some members, pulling most of the weight, so we don't know what to do, just hope and pray that he changes and has more of a drive to do better.
So this week was good and kinda bad, we have a new investigator, his name is Jeff, he was brought to church by his friend, Mike who is a awesome member. We have taught him the first lesson and the second, he didn't come to church because he broke his foot about a week ago, so his pain was acting up on Sunday, typical, but he is way cool and is accepting things very well, and is open. He used to be catholic and then jumped around from church to church, and then he kind of went on the deep end. He wants to change all of that and become more like Mike, cause he sees all the good that he does and stands for. Mike is also a convert and has a similar back ground, so he helps out a lot when Jeff doesn't understand things.
Kinda sad news,  on Friday we where teaching Jeff and while we were there the phone goes off and someone leaves a voice mail, so after the lesson we listened to the message and it was from Leland. "He said that he wasn't coming to church no more, thanks for the baptism, it meant nothing to me, I don't want to hear anymore about Joseph Smith and all that bull crap (censured). Don't come looking for me, don't call me, if you do I'll hurt you". It didn't make me happy to hear when he said it meant nothing to him, I know he felt the spirit, and everything else. So that through us for a loop.
So as we are walking to dinner, we missed a call and a voice mail, guess who it was? If you guessed Leland, you where right. He apologized for the words he said and was telling us that he has been drinking and is drunk and didn't mean any of the words that he said, and that he still wants to come to church and everything.
He came to church but he left in the middle of sacrament meeting, I thought he was going to use the restroom or something, but he actually left the building, and we couldn't find him. We have tried calling him and knocking on his door, but no answer, and this is like the 5th time he as pulled something like this. For real, I haven't talked about it a whole lot because he always comes back, but this time I have a feeling he isn't, so I don't know what to do.  I feel like we've done all we can on our part to help him.  I'm also getting tired of him backstabbing us every time we extend our arms, I don't know if I can trust him anymore.
So that was the just of my week, there is more info in the letter I'm sending. Sorry that this email is a little bit late, we had a crazy morning that we didn't have time to do emailing, so we are just doing it really quickly.

Well got to go love you all,
-Elder Dixon

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