Sunday, September 22, 2013


Hey family.
Do we know why Cola had a fracture? Was it from Miss Piggy, I can't wait to get rid of her. Cola was a good goat, I'm going to miss her :(
Man the new "Star Trek" sounds awesome, some members where telling us about it, that's one more movie to put on the list, I also heard that they are making an "Enders Game" so that should be cool.
I'm so excited that dad is getting a job, (I told him that is look like I have a new job, there is nothing official yet, indicators are good) I hope you do a great job with everything.
So this week was ok, all of our appointments fell through, but it's ok cause we met a couple of cool people, we have another super solid potential that came to church with a member, and she wants us to teach her!!!!!! yay I'm so excited, her name is Rachel. Jeff also came to church, so that was a plus, and we should be meeting with him soon.
Something else interesting happened this week, Elder Jerome and I gave a blessing to one of the sister's investigator that just had a baby and is having some health issues, then she asked if we could bless the baby too, so that was the first time that we have given a baby a blessing, the spirit was really strong there and she said that she could feel it. She has really strong faith.
So that was the just of our week, it seems like it was yesterday that I sent out my last email.
So I've been drinking power-aid and stuff like that, but I don't have to worry about that this week since its going to be in the 70s and today it's 60 outside, and we are going to be playing some soccer under the arch today with some other missionaries in the mission. it might rain today to, not sure yet.
Well I hope this week goes well for you all.
Love you all-Elder Dixon
 P.S. We get trainer calls tomorrow and transfer calls on Saturday, so you should know by next Monday of whats happening

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