Sunday, September 29, 2013


For those who do not know what White Washing is, it is when the missionaries in one area are replace by two new missionaries who have not been in the area before. All the two new missionaries know about the area are what they learn from it in a short meeting with the previous missionaries and the records given to them.
WOW Dayan and Ashley are getting married!! Man they where supposed to wait till I got back! JK.
So I would like the video that came along with the email, please.
Well we got transfer calls, I'm heading to East St.Louis and my companion well be Elder Roach ( not sure how to spell his name) and we are going to be white washing, I'm not sure if I fell countable with this new assignment. Tell you the truth I'm scared out of my mind more than I ever have, I hate to admit that but I am. I really hope that this will be a good experience and not a bad one. Well enough of that.
 So this week was pretty good, we taught Rachel, she was a referral that came to church last week and really enjoyed it, we taught her the restoration and it went great. She really liked the part when we talked about how God wants to hear from us just like how she would like to talk to her children, so that really hit home to her.
 We also taught Steven, he is a referral from a less active member, Steven is kinda interesting, we think he has a mental illness, but he is still accountable. We had a good talk with him and only taught the first half of the 1st lesson, cause he has a hard time grasping things when there is a lot of information out there, so hopefully Elder Jerome and my replacement well be able to get him to progress. The weather this week was really good, it was in the 70s and 60s for the most part, it also rained while we where out, so we got drenched when we went to get on the bus. so this week was good.
 Well I'll write you guys next week to tell you how it is.
Love Elder Dixon
 P.S. Here are some pictures when we went to the arch, a couple of us went in side of it


 The Missouri side
 The Illinois side

Story behind the spider, we found it at a members house while having dinner, it was on the wall.  It was pretty big!

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