Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"...Picture Perfect"

Hey family.
The temple looks so awesome, I cant wait to go inside someday. Hopefully it will be done by the time I come home, cause that's the first stop I want to make before I'm released. (he is talking about the Payson Temple. Angel Moroni was set in place last week)
That's a cool story about Kwok family, I hope they get baptized soon because that would be way cool. I'm glad that mom is fellow-shipping the mother, they all sound like cool people, it would be super cool if I get to meet them when
I get back. So have you guys had the opportunity to feed the missionaries lately?
This week was ok, we didn't teach MJ because she is in the process of moving and we haven't found any new investigators yet, but we are finding some potentials that might become investigators.
We taught mike on Saturday, it went well, we read from the book of Mormon, and we found out some bad news. He has a court date for the 22nd and it's 3 hours away from where we live, and we cant find a ride for him and he is having trouble finding one also. If he misses this court date, which is just a review, they are going to issue a warrant for his arrest and he is heading back to prison until next September, so to say the least we are praying a lot that the lord will provide.
Other than that all is going good, we are getting along, I'm just trying to be patient with his impatience, but we are still having a good time down here in the hood.
So I do have our cousin's blogs so you don't need to worry about sending me the emails.
I'm glad that Roscoe is doing a good job and leaving a good impression on his bosses that they are going to let him weld. (Roscoe now works at Goodfellow, same place Adam works.)

Yep so that was my week.
I hope you all have a great week too
Love Elder Dixon
P.S. I hope you enjoy the picture, it's postcard perfect
We saw this while we where waking past a parking lot

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