Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"I also crashed my bike for the first time..."

Hey Family,
Thanks for telling me about grandma and grandpa (about his Davis grandparents), it gives me time to prepare and brace for what might happen.
Mike doesn't have to go to the court date anymore, his parole officer talked to the state attorney and they where able to change it to next year. So we no longer have to worry about it, but we did go over and talk to him. Lately he has been thinking and asking us if the church can help out with his bills and food, we have told him multiple times that we as missionaries can't really do any thing about it. We keep on telling him that he well have to talk the branch president, ugh I don't like it when people think that we can fix all of there problems. We can only help them with their spiritual side and not there temporal side, so we are hoping that he isn't investigating the church only to free load off of it. I really wish people would use common sense and try to find a job, that's the problem with this world, too many people out there expect everything for nothing, I really don't like it.
Anyhow, nothing much happened besides that, we are still tracking, we find potentials, but a lot of them are people pleasers  and will say anything to your face. So we are having a hard time with that.
I also crashed my bike for the first time, we where on exchanges and I was in the district leaders area and we where biking back to there apartment and it was dark, and I think my bike lock some how got caught in the front tire and it pulled to the side and I tried to pull it back but I over corrected and fell and braced myself with my hands. Then rolled on my back and slide for a little while, but not too long maybe a couple of seconds, but I'm alright, just some bruises, thankfully I was wearing a helmet and we weren't going too fast, my bike is ok as well.
Yeah so that was my week. Exciting stuff, and me and Elder Rausch are getting along great, no need to worry about his impatience, I think it was just me, I wasn't in the best mood last week.
That's so awesome that the Kwok family is getting baptized, you'll have to send some pictures of them
Well I have to get going, I have allot of people to write so I probably won't be able to do what i did last week.
Love you all,
-Elder Jacob Dixon
P.S. I got the package you sent me, thanks allot, the cookies where way good, ate a whole bag in one day :D

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