Friday, November 1, 2013

"...whole district blitzed..."

Dear Family,
Glad to know that the baptism went well and that sister Kwok had a great experience. That's sad to hear about the house that burnt up in Elkridge.

So this week was okay. The whole district blitzed (everyone tracting in one area) our area on Thursday, it went well, we also did exchanges while we where doing that, so that was good, we found some potentials and the sisters in our district found some new investigators. They set up  return appointments but when we went to them the next day they weren't  there or had to reschedule, so we don't know much about them. We met with "M" again, he isn't keeping his commitments and isnt praying, so we are going to make one last push with him, we have committed him to read one verse before he smokes,watches tv or plays his psp, and if he doesn't keep this commitment we are most likely going to drop him, sadly. It still seems he is just wanting a free hand out, and that's the only reason he really comes to church, so he can talk to the branch president, but we have told him time and time again that he can't always rely on the church and that he needs to start looking for a job of some kind.

Also transfer calls are happening on Saturday, I think I am going to stay and that Elder Rausch well be going somewhere.

Love you all thanks for the email
-Elder Jacob Dixon

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