Friday, November 8, 2013

"I'm getting transferred to..."

Hey Friends and Family,
I'm getting transferred to Warrenton, MO it's between Columbia and St. Louis, so it's in the country! Yay I'm excited about it, and we get a car!! I haven't been in a car area since Sullivan, and I'm glad to be able to leave the city, my new companion will be Elder Taft, Elder Rausch will be staying.

So this week was ok, besides somebody getting into our storage closet in our complex and stealing by big suitcase >:(  So we had to go to a couple of stores and try to find a suit case for a good price, but we found one at Marshalls for 50 dollars, and it's a big one as well. It still upsets me about how stupid people are these days, it just goes to show that you cant trust anyone really anymore.

So Mike dropped us on Sunday, we had gone over Saturday and talked to him about how he ins't keeping our simple commitments, so we told him that we are still going to come by but if he doesn't start shaping up then we aren't going over any more. 
So fast forward to Sunday morning and we get a call from him and he said that he just wants to take a break for awhile to sit down and look at his situation but he said to stop by in a couple of weeks.
How are the Grandparents doing? I got a call from president telling me that grandpa had bypass surgery, is he doing ok? (Laura's Dad had a triple bypass surgery this last week)
Love you all,
-Elder Dixon

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