Monday, November 11, 2013

"...Warrenton is awesome"

Hey Family,

 Cool pictures of the hawk and stuff. So how is Jessica doing? I heard about the giant storm that hit the Philippians on Friday, I hope she is doing ok.

So this week was pretty good, Warrenton is awesome, I love it already! The ward members are super cool, and guess what? there is a family here that moved from Salem a couple of years ago and i know one of there sons that is on a mission in California! we where in the same English and Japanese class in Salem hills, and I also used to work with him and his older brother back in maple dell, it's a small Mormon world. We also met with a recent convert when I first got here, her name is Tiffany, and she is super cool and loves every thing about the gospel, and she has about 7 tame wolves and we might be going over today to see them and pet them! I'm pretty excited about that, wolves are so cool.
we also had a chili cook off on Saturday, that was way good, I was able to meet most of the ward members, I was also asked to give a talk on Sunday :P I love short notice talks, but it turned out pretty good, it was on the talk that Elder Ballard gave in conference about missionary work.

 Yep that's what happened this week and what not, it was pretty good. Oh, and Elder Taft is a cool missionary, he is shy at times, but that's ok cause I'm the same way at times, so hopefully we can both improve on that together, he is from Fruit Heights Utah and he graduated with my trainer (Elder Barney)
 So the new suit case is nice, its a little bit bigger than my other one, so that's nice, and yeah I had to use my own money for it.

 My new address is
102 Granada Dr Apt 204 Bldg L

Warrenton, Mo 63383
Love you all, have a great week
-Elder Dixon
A hollow tree that we found while tracting
 The horse shoe!
 Posterity picture: left to right. me, Elder Yanagita and Elder Abad

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