Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hey Family,

We weren't able to go see the wolves and probably won't for awhile, Tiffany is having a lot of things happening and stressing her out.
So this week was good, we have two new investigators! the first one is Jason, he is a friend/neighbor of a recent convert, we had lunch over at the recent converts house last Monday and he was there also and he was curious about what we believe, and he is interested in learning more.
 the other is Abdur he is a husband to a member whos daughter was just baptized on Saturday. he is a really great guy, he loves his family and wants to do what is best for them, we where really able to talk to him after the baptism, but we found out that they needed some help cleaning out there old house they just moved out of, so we volunteered to help, but we did that after church, yeah I know that it was on the Sabbath, but we had a great reason, as we where talking to him he said that he has been thinking about baptism lately :D that was really cool hearing that from him! we will be going over tonight to help them clear out there basement, that's infested with tons of spiders and what not. but it should be good, it well give us another opportunity to talk more about the gospel with him.
 this week was pretty good, now that I look back.
 So I don't know what I want for Christmas, like I always do, haha I don't want any thing that is going to take up room, I don't need any clothing for winter, and everything is still in good working order.

So guess what I found the other day in the gas station? I found that they sell mango melon sobes! finally I found some. that's probably a highlight of my week.
Love you all,

-Elder Jacob Dixon

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