Sunday, December 1, 2013


Dear family
Sounds like a lot of things are changing back home.
I'm glad that grandpa well be getting out of the rehab center before thanksgiving and thanks for talking to president Morgan, I'll make sure to call them.
So this week was ok, we didn't teach anybody besides a recent convert and some less actives, so nothing really got done this week, it's hard when you try your best and nothing happens and you see other areas around you excel. oh well nothing we can really do to change that I guess. We did stop by Abdurs house yesterday and we set up a time to stop by on Tuesday, we are really looking forward to that, he is a great guy.
The members here are pretty awesome, and we where able to do some service for a member and split wood for them, I miss chopping wood, it helps take the stress away. For thanksgiving we will be playing football with the ward and having lunch and dinner with some families in the ward, I'm excited for it, but I do wish I could be at the Davis party.
I will get back around June 4th so I well be able to see Roscoe for a little while, btw are you guys still planning on picking me up or am I flying? I'm been thinking about flying home, but I can't decide, I'll keep thinking about it, what do you guys think?
Well love you all, have a great thanksgiving.
-Elder Dixon

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