Sunday, December 22, 2013


Hey Family.
Glad to hear that the grandparents are doing well.
Its ok that you weren't able to send anything back, it was kinda of a short notice, but its a bummer that she (sister Vellinga, is from South Utah county and moved back to Warronton, Mo. and was here for a visit and brought somethings back for Jacob) got the flu :( i know she was really looking forward to spending time with family and friends.
Your passing another kidney stone? So what are they caused by and how can you avoid getting them? And does that mean that I might get them latter on in life? There where a couple of elders that i know that had them while they where out here on a mission, poor guyy, anyways im glad that the herbal tea is working.
I think that Pres. Montigue will do a great job as ward mission leader, and I know that you guys will love conducting meeting at the rest home.

So this week went GREAT!

First off Abdur is doing good, we where not able to teach him this week but we did give him a blessing for a super bad ear infection that he had,so it was a great opportunity to for us, he got a second job due to a member in the ward who needed more help with his work, so we are happy that he is being blessed, I just hope he can see that.
We also taught Kiem (she is married to a member) we finished teaching her the plan of salvation, cause the time before that we taught the latter half of it cause she had some questions about the resurrection, but it went great again, the spirit was there and we invited her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and she said that she has already done that and that she knows that it is true when she said that i was really, really shocked and my mind went a little blank there for a moment, but thankfully some words came out to invited her to be baptized, and she said that she would!!! :D and her husband just received the Melchizedek priesthood this Sunday so he can now baptize her and confirm her if she wants him to, so that was probably the biggest highlight of my week, its times like these that i love being a missionary.
We also had stake conference and a meeting with all the missionaries in the zone, so that went well as well, Abdur and Kiem where at stake conference and Kiem liked it but we weren't able to catch Abdur and talk to him before he left.

But yeah this week was way good.
And this week should be good as well, we have another meeting with Kiem and we are going to set a date for her baptism, and we are also doing a zone Christmas party, we would normally do a mission Christmas party but there are so many missionaries (240) that it would be to much of a hassle, so every zone will be doing its own separate thing.
Um what else, oh yeah I've been out for 18 months now :P crazy.
Transfers are on the 18th so we will get the call next Saturday to see who is staying or going.
The weather here is cold, high 20s and low 10 and below during the night, burr, but no snow yet, we did get some "snow" but it was more like dandruff, man the snow storms here have nothing on Utah, I probably just jinxed my self, oh well.
Love you all have a great week.
Elder Dixon

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