Monday, April 7, 2014

03/31/14: "week went okay...but I wasn't in Warrenton for most of it"

03/ 31/2014

 Hey Family!!
Sounds like Megan had a good birthday.
So this week went okay, it was pretty busy, but I wasn't in Warrrenton for most of it. We went on exchanges with the Troy Elders and I was in Troy for both exchanges, we did that Thursday-Sunday morning.
But while I was in Troy Elder Hendrickson did get to teach Randall, and it went okay from what I got out of it, they taught him the plan of salvation, and he seemed to accept it pretty well.
We did teach Nick and Katie on Wednesday, they are a couple that Elder Johnson and Coka (Chōkă) tracted into while they where blitzing our area.
Nick is a minister at the Warrenton Church of Christ, and is probably one of the nicest ministers that ive met on my mission. and he has a real desire to know what we believe this is the second time that we have met with him, and we have taught him the 1st lesson. But he does have some concerns that we have answered as best as we could and told him that he cant take our word or anyone else's words about the book of Mormon and how it's important to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, so it's been really good teaching him.
And after we met with Nick we went over to a potentials house that we tracted into a couple of weeks back, her name is Maryann and she used to meet with missionaries way way back and in a different state, so we went over there to see if she might me interested in learning again, and her daughter was there, her name is Teressa, she is about 40 and Maryann is about 60 or 70. and while we where talking to Maryann we learned that she was close to being baptized but stopped because she felt rushed by the missionaries to quit smoking. and while we are talking about that Theresa is asking us allot of questions,and they were really good questions, and they are related to the restoration of the Gospel, so we pretty much taught her the first lesson,so that went really good and she was really interested in coming to church on Sunday, but she wasn't able to change her work schedule in time. I think that they both have good potential, and Maryann has a really good out look on the church.
that's all that I can really think of right now, its hard to remember things when you are super busy all the time.
It's hard to believe that you guys got snow and hail this week. our weather is improving much better now, it was a bit chilly last week, but yesterday and today are in the 70s, so its a really nice change.

love ya all-Elder Jacob Dixon.

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