Saturday, April 26, 2014

Birthday Wishes

April 7, 2014
Thanks for the birthday wishes family! it sounds like you will be having a lot of fun when you get to the cruise, remember to take lots of pictures!

This week went ok, the weather was ok, we got a lot a rain during the week and it is raining lightly this morning.
We taught nick on Wednesday, it didn't really go any where, he was asking some questions about similar passages in the book of Mormon and Bible, so we did that for the whole time we where there and told him the #1 answer to his questions is reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.
We taught Randall about praying often and the importance of it, and we are trying to get him to pray vocally, but we know that he is still uncomfortable about praying aloud.
General conference went really well, i really enjoyed elder Hollands talk about discipleship. and standing up for what is right. i wrote more details in my hand written letter that you should be getting in the mail.
Nick came to the Saturday morning session and the priesthood session, but he said that there was some things that he disagrees with and what not :/
I don't know how he can say that after the all of the testimonies that were shared and the powerful spirit that was there, i really felt the spirit when president Monson related the story of Joseph Smith and him rebuking the guards.
I really hope he recognizes the spirit soon, and that he will be committed to follow its promptings.
But on a positive note, Abdur came to the priesthood session and he loved it and said that he felt like all the speakers were speaking to him, he really liked president Eyrings talk about heros in our lives. so that was really neat to hear him say that.
When I hear things like that from investigators it makes me very joyful and happy to know that they are taking root in the gospel.
Well I have to get going, we have zone p-day today and we are going to play ultimate Frisbee.
love you all. 

Love ya-Elder Jacob Dixon
These are some pictures of the sunset after a thunder/ tornado warning storm.


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