Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Birthday

Hey family,
So we have tried doing the step thing with Randall, but he isn't to configurable with talking about spiritual things, he isn't used to it since when he grew up, that was something you left at church and didn't talk about it until the next Sunday, that is what his fiance was telling us at church when we talked to her to see what we could do better, the main thing is going to be time.
So thanks for the presents they where great, I really enjoyed my birthday this year. I really loved all the things in the package, tell all the grandparents thanks
We didn't do a whole lot for my birthday, we did the regular missionary thing and we went to our ward missionary leader and they make a cake and the district got me some things, two shirts and some hot wheels. it was allot of fun, I'll be sending a picture of all the stuff I got.
This week was slow. We had most of our appointments fall through so we weren't able to teach anyone besides Randall, we taught him about keeping the Sabbath day holy and tried to commit him to coming to church, but he said that he works on Sunday and he didn't seem like he really wants to come to church, but said that when he gets a Sunday off he will be coming. so we are taking things slow with him to try to figure out his concerns.
We went to nicks bible study last night at his church, it went well they where talking about the end of Luke, they believe some of the basic things that we do, but they use the new King James bible, so it has different translations and I was reading along in our bible and I can see how things get lost in translation, they left out some small things, like when Jesus is with his disciples and he eats fish and honey, they left out the honey part, and there was a couple of other things as well.
but other than those things our week kind of went down hill.
Wasn't able to meet with Abdur, things are still crazy over there and his wife should be having the baby today, so some time this week we are going to go over and help him clean up his house.
Julie is still having trouble with her sister, but we are staying in contact with her pretty often and we are meeting with her on Tuesday. she is thinking about moving back to California, so pray that what ever happens will be.
I'm glad that everyone enjoyed the cruise it looks like you all had fun.
Thanks for the pics.
Love ya all
-Elder Jacob Dixon

Everything on the left- shirts cars and knife is from everyone in the district and everything on the right is from you guys (Mom, Dad, Megan, Roscoe, and Adam and Crystal)

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