Monday, April 28, 2014

...we saw the wolves....

Hey family,
sorry that this email is a bit latter than normal. I don't have as much time today, we have had a pretty busy day since Elder Teixeira (one of the missionaries in troy went home today, he has finished his mission) so we spent the day with him and had to drive him to St.Peters so he could go with some other missionaries who are going home as well. And we just got back, so its been kinda busy.
Oh, we also saw the wolves I was talking about :) It was allot of fun, they where really friendly, but some where a little stand offish, but no problems.
Oh ya we got transfer calls on Saturday! Elder Hendrickson is going to Champion Illinois in a city called Urbana. which is about 2 hours away from his home.
And I'm going to be spending the rest of my mission here in Warrenton! I'm really excited that they did transfer me to a new area for my last 6 weeks.
My new companion is going to be Elder England, I used to be his district leader when I was in Sullivan, and I'm glad that they put me with him. It should be allot of fun
So this week went pretty well having a hard time remembering what happened.
We taught Randall, it went ok, we watched Finding Faith in Christ and read 3 Nephi 18:1-25 and talked about the sacrament and the Sabbath day and got him to commit to coming to church and he came yesterday, we weren't able to talk to him since he came in later and left before it ended due to him having to go to work. So we are hoping that he enjoyed it.
We taught Nicka and Katie again that was good, just told him again that everything comes down to the Book of Mormon and knowing it s true.
Also taught Julie that went really good we talked to her about whats happening in her life and she is thinking about moving back to California or Colorado, but she is praying on her own, she would be reading but her Book of Mormon "went missing" and she can't find it so you can probably guess what happened to it. And tomorrow we will be meeting with her and be talking about a baptismal date, even if she moves again she can still work towards it.
But yeah that was our week in nut shell, I forgot my planner back at the apartment so I can look through it like I normally do.
Glad that you got the Camry to start working again, seems like something is always wrong with it.

Well I love you all and pray that everyone well have a good week.
-Elder Jacob Dixon
The wolves that Jacob got to go see

 Me and the Alpha male, he is one of the friendliest.

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