Monday, May 5, 2014

"... a special pray..."

Request for a special pray for an investigators baby, transfer, sickness. We also received a letter from his mission president that Jacob was made a district leader.
Hey family!
So things here are good, my new companion is pretty cool, we get along pretty good so far.

The weather is great last week we were up in the 70s and 80s, so that was really nice to be able to enjoy it. and yesterday it rained on and off all day.
We were able to teach Julie again, we just read some scriptures with her, she had some questions about 1 nephi chapters 2 and 3. we also talked to her about getting baptized soon, she said that she will but she wants things to calm down with her and her sister and she wants to be able to move out of her sisters house so that us meeting with her doesn't cause and problems. and she also said that she wants to get to the point that she knows that this is right.
Also taught Randall this week. we taught the Word of Wisdom, he understood it and accepted it with out problem, he is still reading from the Book of Mormon but not as much as he would like to.
Visited Abdur on Friday, he is super stressed out right now with all that is going on with his family, they had they kid about 2 weeks ago and is still having problems with breathing and eating right, so he has been hooked up to machines to help him do all that, but he is improving and getting better, they are hoping that they can bring him home soon. Please pray that Abdur's baby will be get better soon so he can come home soon.
But that's all that really happened this week, wasn't able to meet with Nick on Wednesday cause I was sick with a sore throat and hacking up allot of junk, and I didn't want to be around their newborn and having the possibility of getting sick.
But I'm doing allot better now, but still have a sore throat.
Glad to hear that every thing back home is somewhat ok and that everyone is having a good time
- Love you all
Elder Jacob Dixon
Side note: Jacob is coming home in just a few short weeks now. If you would like to join us at the airport please contact Laura or Cory for details about time and place.

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