Saturday, May 24, 2014

And this week went ok.
We taught Julie this week, we taught her the plan of salvation, she liked it and it helped refresh her memory since she has already been taught everything back in California, and she is still reading and praying on her own, we just need to get her to church, she has a job interview today, so we we are hoping that she gets the job so she can start to move out of her sisters house.
Also taught Randall yesterday, he came to church, and when we went over to teach him, he had some questions about fasting, and why we do it and the reason behind it. He already knows a bit about fasting, reading from the bible "fast" is mentioned a few times. so we asked him what he knew about fasting. and allot of his view points on fasting were on the ball, so that was a good experience.
 Taught Nick again, didn't really go any where, he still has some questions about the plan of salvation, mostly the 3 degrees of glory, and how we get that out of the new testament and why we interpret it that way, so we had to go over the whole modern day revelations and we talked about Doctrine and covenants 76 which is really detailed about the plan of salvation. But after all that he still has skepticism about it all.
 Abdur came to church as well and he really enjoyed the testimonies that where given. since it was fast Sunday.
 So that was the my week, the weather is really nice right now, its been staying in the 70s most of the week, ill probably be sending my winter clothing home in the next little while.
love you all
-Elder Dixon

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