Thursday, May 29, 2014

...This week was good...


So this week was good,
We taught Matthew again this week and it went well, we taught the restoration, he understood it very well. but i don't think he will be baptized before I leave, he still needs to come to church 3 times before the baptism.
 Met with Julie, just talked to her about what she read this week and what her preparations are for this week since she is moving this week, she is flying on Friday. so its a good thing and a bad thing, its good cause she can attend church there and that's were her original fellow shippers are at. a bad thing is that we wont be teaching her, but its all good in the long run.
But that's about what happened this week, not to much happened.
Sorry this is a bit shorter than normal.

Love you all
-Elder Jacob Dixon
PS-Happy Birthday MOM
Love you lots

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